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Technical leadership

I have technically led several projects and teams, always from a position of trying to increase quality by emphasising the quality of produced work by documenting practices and principles and mentoring team members to increase their skills, and decreasing the time for work to be delivered by looking ahead for potential problems and optimisations.

He did everything he could to effect change, ranging from pragmatic hacks that solved real problems to well-reasoned white-papers aimed at larger, cultural issues. Norm was absolutely at the center of every important debate I know of at the company, and he was usually the one making the most sense.

Mike West on my time at Yahoo

Norm was responsible for the tools, structure and code in-browser for a complex and challenging site. Neither he nor I were prepared to compromise on the principles of progressive enhancement[…]. Norm's diligence early on pushed me to accept no less as time went by, both from myself and from others.

James Aylett on my time at Artfinder