Mark Norman Francis LinkedIn profile

Hiring and retaining talent

At Yahoo I interviewed and hired more than a third of the 40+ strong web development team, and part of my role as Frontend Architect was retaining a sense of identity amongst them after they were moved into the Engineering organisation from being a part of the Product Operations team.

He helped build a world-class web development team, he held it together when it started to splinter apart under external pressures, and he generally served as a shining beacon of sanity and hope in an otherwise dismal time.

Mike West on my time at Yahoo

At Artfinder, I interviewed candidates to join the development team, and helped train the CTO in what to look for in good frontend developers.

As the company grew, Norm played a vital role in hiring and developing the team. He wrote the CSS questions we used at interview…

James Aylett on my time at Artfinder