Mark Norman Francis LinkedIn profile

Darryl Feldman, then Director of Product Development at Yahoo

I hired and worked with Norm for approximately 2 years at Yahoo! during which he played a critical role within the web development team not only delivering projects such as Yahoo! News and Movies sites but also in terms of building best practices and evangelising the craft. Norm is passionate about all things 'web dev' and was a great speaker at company events where he sold the benefits in even to the most hardened executive. Norm was also a great team player, often acting as spokesperson for the group and ensuring more junior members were mentored. Norm's technical skills were very much up to date and 'of the moment' he would ensure he kept abreast of things through his personal network of like minded techies. He was a diligent worker and communicated clearly upwards if he could see blockers or areas for refinement of the solution. All in all I enjoyed working with Norm immensely and enjoying his positive attitude and sense of humour in even the darkest of moments. Also I miss his collection of cool toys/gadgets that were omnipresent on his desk.