Mark Norman Francis LinkedIn profile

Web Developer to Manager to Front End Architect, Yahoo (June 2004–December 2008)

Web Developer, June 2004–August 2006

I worked as a front-end developer (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, perl) working across multiple properties in five European countries.

During my time I successfully launched more than fifteen sites including Olympics 2004 coverage, UK Mobile, the Yahoo European homepage in twelve locations, expert coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2006, Videogames and a redesign of the Games homepage and index pages. I also assisted in the building and maintenance of Movies, News and Personals.

Web Development Manager, August 2006–September 2007

I both managed and acted as lead for the web development team working on all European Entertainment media properties, including TV, Movies, Games and Videogames. During this time we defined and delivered a complete reimplementation of the TV site.

Other duties included mentoring, being a member of the Paranoids (security experts) team, and was trained as a Scrum master.

Front End Architect, September 2007–December 2008

A founder member of the Front End Architecture team, I represented the web development team within the European business. Responsibilities included defining best practices and coding standards, assisting the setup of new projects, evaluating new technologies and platforms, training and mentoring, and evangelising both internally and externally. I organised and ran two (internal) international conferences on web development.

Other duties included being the liason to the Paranoids (security experts), Exceptional Performance and Ad Council teams.